To enhance the Habitat for Humanity Experience of individuals

orestWhy This Website?

Having now volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Edmonton for fourteen ( 20 ) years and participated in 13 ( 21 ) Global Village Trips, I was inspired by the photojournal building progress of the August, ’07 Iqaluit GV build on the Habitat Kingston website. Habitat for Humanity is based on sound, spiritual principles and provides an excellent framework for people with a common purpose to help others by working with them to build houses and hope. When I learned was available, that clinched it for me to develop a website that would focus primarily on Global Village builds, and also include local builds and activities.

My Mission:

I started by trying to “give back” some of everything with which we’ve been so richly blessed, but soon learned that attempt itself brought more blessings in a satisfying, fulfilling, emphatically spiritual way. So my mission is to enhance the Habitat for Humanity experience of individuals: family partners, volunteers, team members, staff, contractors and service providers – at home and abroad, so simple, decent housing is provided with/to more people and lasting relationships may be formed and similar blessings may be experienced.

One of My Personal Goals:

To help enable more people to experience more GV Trips; building homes, building hope, building spirit, building lasting relationships with brothers and sisters throughout the world. You can contact me by e-mail at: